Home-Based Call Centers

More and more companies are now utilizing home-based call center agents to help support their existing brick-and-mortar call center operations. They like the cost-savings that come with not having to expand seats at physical locations, for one thing. And they like the promise of being able to flex the home based call center agent workforce to scale for peak needs - itself another link in the lowering costs chain.

It's the reality that often disappoints the businesses that try the do-it-yourself approach to a home- based call center initiative. And it’s that disappointing reality that often leads companies to explore the outsourcing approach to deploying a virtual call center model.

Outsourcing Home-based Call Centers

To realize the full extent of the benefits a home-based call center can enable, companies need to have in place the appropriate infrastructure to staff, manage, secure, and support remote call center agent installations. That's not just about having the right technology. It's also about having the right infrastructure in terms of processes and resources.

Many businesses are not able to bear similar start-up costs under today's difficult economic circumstances. Indeed, when one considers the investments in tools and infrastructure required to support a virtual call center model, and the cost-savings and flexibility that may not be fully realized because of limitations in flex scheduling or talent access, the results are returns that fall short of original expectations.

With outsourcing, it is possible to get the returns you want in a less costly and more efficient way. Outsourcing your home-based call center agent initiatives to experts who have highly-qualified virtual workforces - and the infrastructure and resources to support them - will help you save money, achieve greater flexibility and drive better results. West at Home was one of the first companies to evangelize the remote call center agent model, and over the years we've been perfecting it, including investing tens of millions of dollars in hiring, training and management tools for home-based workers, wherever they're located.

Contact us today to find out how the right outsourcing partner will set the stage for your company to realize continuing returns from your home-based call center initiatives.