Virtual Customer Service

Delivering a superior level of service is absolutely critical in today's highly competitive business world. More and more companies are recognizing that customer service can be a true differentiator and a driver of both top line and bottom line growth. Perhaps that's why more companies are turning to virtual customer service solutions to help them increase customer satisfaction, improve results and drive a better return on investment.

West at Home's virtual customer service agents are located in homes across the country. These agents are highly skilled, highly educated and highly motivated to deliver the kind of service companies need to help them retain more of their valuable customers.

Why Virtual Customer Service?

Traditional facility based call center solutions have limitations when it comes to scalability, flexibility, and access to talent. Because virtual customer service representatives are not constrained to one central facility, a company can scale up with any number of home-based agents to meet unexpected call volume. At the same time, the agents have much greater flexibility in their schedules. Virtual customer service agents can easily logon to work for as little as half-hour at a time, giving companies the ability to maximize the effectiveness of labor.

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual customer service solution is the ability to attract the best talent available where ever it is located. With a typical facility based or hub and spoke home agent solution companies are constrained to hiring within a certain geographic region. West at Home's virtual customer service solution can tap into the best talent regardless of location. Often times these agents possess a higher education level, specific skills sets and experience with a wide range of industries. This allows our West at Home agents to drive superior results.

From hiring and training, to monitoring and managing, every aspect of a customer contact solution can be done virtually. West at Home is a true virtual home agent model that frees your agents of the constraints of typical facility based or hub and spoke home agent solutions - improving agent quality, shortening ramp times, increasing scalability and improving business continuity.

Contact us today to learn how West at Home can help you unleash the power of your home agent program and drive the results your company needs to succeed.